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About Larry McElhiney

As I write this, I am 75-years-old, having been born in 1946 in Kewanee, Illinois to William Hugh McElhiney and Mary Ruth Crouse.  I lived in Illinois until I was almost 5-years-old and then my family (Thomas Edward Strode VII, Mary Ruth Strode, Michael Lee McElhiney and Lawrence George McElhiney) moved to Eugene Oregon.  We were there for a year and then moved to Dayton, Washington.  I went to Dayton Elementary School for 8 grades and then entered Dayton High School in 1962.  During the remainder of the year, I attended Marshall High School and Franklin High School in Portland, Oregon and finally Evergreen High School in Vancouver, Washington.

After graduating from high school, I attended Milwaukee School of Engineering for one session and then enlisted in the US Air Force in January of 1966.  I was stationed first at Lackland Air Force Base, TX for a few months and then Keesler Air Force Base in Biloxi, Mississippi for most of the remainder of that year.  In December, I was sent to Europe for my assignment.  I was in Camp Guynemer near Fontainebleau, France for a few weeks and then transferred to Baraque de Fraiture, Belgium for a week.  (This was to be my original assignment)  My orders were changed so that I was sent to Maastricht, The Netherlands for the remainder of my 36-month tour of duty. 

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