Diagramming Sentences

Basic Sentence Parts and Patterns

  1. Simple subject and predicate
         Samson slept.

  2. Understood subject (for commands, directives)

  3. Questions
    Where are you going?

    What were you reading this morning?

    Whose bike were you using?

    May I postpone this assignment?

  4. Compound predicate
         The cat howled and scratched ferociously.

  5. Compound subject and compound predicate
         Juanita and Celso worked hard and then rested.

  6. Three subjects
         Juanita, Federica, and Celso are working.

  7. Direct object
         Tashonda sent e-mail.

  8. Compound direct objects
         Tashonda sent cards and letters.

  9. Three direct objects
         Tashonda sent e-mail, cards, and letters.

  10. Compound predicate with direct objects
         Joselyn cooked breakfast and ate it.

  11. Compound predicate with one direct object
         Samantha proofreads and edits her essays.

  12. Indirect object
         Mrs. Doubtfire gave the children homework.

  13. Compound indirect objects
         Mrs. Doubtfire gave Tabitha and Samantha quizzes.

  14. Predicate noun
         John Calhoun is a coach.

  15. Objective complement
         Johnny painted his old jalopy purple.

    The club elected Tashonda [as its] president.

  16. Reflexive Pronouns
         [as direct object] Josť cut himself.
    [as indirect object] Mr. Edwards gave himself a raise.
    [as object of a preposition] She cared only for herself


  17. Intensive Pronoun
         I myself prefer basketball.
    [or] I prefer basketball myself.


  18. Appositive
         John Calhoun, the coach, yelled at the referees.

  19. Direct address
         Heitor, address the class now.

  20. Interjection
         Man, that hurt!

  21. Adjective
         Athletic moves excite the crowd.

  22. Compound adjectives
         The little old lady hit the tall and distinguished gentleman.

  23. Predicate adjective
         Samson was powerful.

  24. Compound predicate adjectives
         Samson was powerful but gullible.

  25. Comparative adjective
         Joanna is considerably taller than her brother [is].

  26. Adverb
         Dogsbreath works quickly.

  27. Adverbs modifying other adverbs
         A very friendly dog wags its tail quite often.

  28. Compound adverbs
         Dr. Turveydrop waited patiently and quietly at the door.

  29. Prepositional phrase
         Charles is working in the garden.


  30. Prepositional phrase modifying another prepositional phrase
         Charles is working in the garden by the river.

  31. Preposition with compound objects
         The thought of getting up and working is alarming.

  32. Prepositional phrase modifying an adverb
         Tashonda does her best work early during the semester.

  33. Prepositional phrase as subjective complement
         She felt under the weather.

  34. Participle
         The crumbling bridge must be repaired.

  35. Participial phrase
         The screaming crowd watched the bridge falling into the river.

  36. Gerund
         Working hard can be profitable.

  37. Gerund phrase acting as object
         Terminata hates eating broccoli.

  38. Gerund phrase as object of a preposition
         Wolfson wrote a book about playing basketball.

  39. Infinitive as noun (subject & predicate)
         To know him is to love him.

  40. Infinitive acting as adjective
         His decision to leave early was unfortunate.

  41. Infinitive acting as adverb
         He is determined to work hard.

  42. Infinitive as direct object
         The Eagles slowly began to climb the national rankings.

  43. Infinitive phrase as object of preposition
         Pedrito had no choice except to run away.

  44. Infinitive phrase as objective complement
         Mom wanted me to do the dishes.

  45. Infinitive phrase as appositive
         It was a mistake to elect William president.

  46. Causative Verb
         Professor Villa made her students read four novels.

  47. Expletive Construction
         There are never enough hot dogs at the annual picnic.
    There is no one working with Albert.

  48. Absolute Construction
         To tell the truth, I do not remember meeting her.

  49. Correlative Conjunction
         Either we wash the walls, or we paint them.

  50. Passive Verbs
         The burglar was shot.

    Mary was awarded the Smith Case.

    Turveydrop was named chairman while he was out of the room.

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