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The McElhiney Genealogy Website.

Information About Larry McElhiney.

Updated June 17, 2023

  • This is the place to find out information about the genealogy
    of this branch of the McElhiney Family:
    • The descendents of Matthew McElhiney b. 1738 in Donegal, Ireland.
    • Immigrated to America in 1760 and settled in Maryland.

Today's Matthew McElhiney at left side. This photograph shows three generations.


Ralph, William Hugh (1914-2009), Joe and Larry McElhiney on Father's Day 2004

Coat of Arms and Name History

Genealogy (First Immigration - 1760)

Genealogy (Second Immigration - 1869)

Matthew McElhiney Genealogy (PAF)

Some Thoughts on the Origin of Surname McElhiney

Current Internet Results on Surname McElhiney

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