Coat of Arms and History of Name

Coat of Arms:

According to our research, the origin of the name McElhiney is Scottish and the Coat of Arms contains red and gold horizontal bands. The Crest is a sheath of five arrows tied with a red band. The family motto is: Aonaibh ri cheile


Spelling variations include:

MacAloney McAloney MacAlonie McAlonie
MacIlhenny McIlhenny MacIlhinny McIlhinny
MacIlhiney McIlhiney MacIlhinney McIlhinney
MacIldowney McIldowney MacIldownie McIldownie
MacGilloney McGilloney MacGillonie MacAlloon
MacAlooni MacElheaney MacElhiney McElhiney
MacElhinney ...and many others.

First found in Argyllshire in Scotland where they were seated from early times and their first records appeared on the early census rolls taken by the early Kings of Britain to determine the rate of taxation of their subjects.

Some of the first settlers of this name or some of its variants were: James MacAloonie who settled in Philadelphia Pa. in 1868; Denis, James, Pat and Thomas MacAloon all arrived in Philadelphia between 1840 and 1860; Anthoney MacElhinney settled in Philadelphia in 1851.